CJH Golf Club

The Height of Golfing Experience

Since its official re-opening in the summer of 1999, the Golf course has received laudatory comments from all over. That plaudits continue to pour in from patrons and guests alike confirms that we have succeeded in creating a truly world-class golfing facility at Camp John Hay. It definitely can compare favorably with the finest in the world.

With its elegant log-architecture and interior design, the golf Clubhouse has likewise impressed many a visitor. The authentic mountain atmosphere, coupled with thoughtful amenities and gracious surroundings, simply makes anyone's visit here a genuinely pleasurable experience.

Under the direction of Fil-Estate Golf Development, Inc., the original 18-hole par-67 layout has been upgraded to a par-69 course, following the Nicklaus design of Golden Bear International. Quite significantly, the Camp John Hay golf course now conforms to the environmental standards set by the Golf Course Commission of the USGA and other international golfing agencies.

The new layout includes fully automated irrigation and computerized turf maintenance systems, as well as additional lakes and ponds that serve as catchment basins. Other new features include sand capping and a herring bone drainage system, which allows for optimum drainage and water collection.

A sewerage treatment plant (STP) is likewise in place to protect water sources from contamination and promote a more efficient water recycling system. With the STP, water coming from other facilities within Camp John Hay is first treated and then utilized for golf course irrigation, thereby enhancing the overall water requirement.

A new kind of turfgrass has also been introduced - i.e., Bentgrass for the greens and Tifway 419 (a type from the bermuda family) for the fairways. In this connection, research has shown that even during high rainfall periods, these types of turf hold up to 20 times more soil than traditionally farmed cropland. As a result, they are better able to control water's erosive power.